Saturday, October 20, 2007

We haven't located us yet.

So Last night I was going to go to see a play and go visit Fencers at the Fence-a-thon. Instead, I went to see Darjeeling Limited with my brother and parents and did not go see the Fencers. Not seeing people sucked, but the movie did not. The only other movie I have ever seen by Wes Anderson was Life Aquatic, which i really didn't like, but this was really cute. The story is interesting and i liked the characters by the end, despite the fact that i wasn't really rooting for them in the beginning. I actually was more inclined to dislike them at the beginning. The thing with this movie is it's not funny. There are moments when it makes you chuckle, but it is amusing. I had happened to see the short film that is supposed to be a prequel to it earlier in the week so I had a little more background than my family, but they still enjoyed it. So go see it.

EDIT: I wrote this a while ago, I just never posted it. So here it is.

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