Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Days You Shouldn't get out of Bed

I could be feeling a little over sensitive and over thinking this. Maybe I just really need to stop reading the comments on webpages where religion is a subject.
Someone wrote a book. This book is called How we know what reality is or something to that effect. Its about the wonders of the universe and how amazing science is. As far as I know. But the comments. All of them were about converting people who believe in God and how foolish those who believe are. I honestly don't give a fuck what anyone believes. Are you a good person? Do you hurt people? These are all I really care about. That's not true. "Do you respect people who's opinion is not your own?" should be on the list too.
And the people who jump down these idiots thoughts are just as idiotic, only in the oposite direction. Extremism in any form is terrible. It doesn't matter if your god is Science or Jesus. If you see a sunrise and explain it as the turn of the earth or Eos, it doesn't matter. You should respect what someone else believes. It makes the world a richer place. People aren't killed in the name of God anymore really. Those who do participate in religious based killing are not only stupid, but also would find any excuse, be it skin color, political affiliation, or language. People are really good at finding the things that divide them. Not so good at recognizing the similarities. Look at Islam and Judaism. Both trace their religion back to abraham. Both have a set of dietary rules that are quite similar. Both think Jerusalem is a holy city. Both fucking worship the same god. So why are they wishing death upon each other? How the other prays. Land. Blind hatred. Who the fuck knows. If they actually knew then they could resolve the issue and peace would reign in the middle east.
Then you add in self-righteous atheists. They add a lovely sheen of venom to the discussion. You don't believe in god. Fine. Just be nice to those of us who aren't as evolved as you.
Maybe it's because of the people I hang out with lately, who are by and large atheist and strongly opinionated on the subject that I'm getting over sensitive. But I also wonder if people who hold this opinion that all people who believe in a higher power are back woods hicks because the people they've met who are vocal about their believes are back woods hicks. Those that aren't aren't.
That's what this country needs. A moderate, sane, evolution believing Christian (or Jew or Muslim Maybe all three!) to promote positive images of the religious to the evangelical atheists. I just don't know anyone who could do it. None of them really give a damn what others believe.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Who would want to be a princess?
You can't cuss (at least in public). Can't have a fight with your prince. Can't go out looking anything less than fabulous. Can't put on an ounce if weight (lest you want baby rumors to abound). Can't vacation anywhere you want. Can't make a move without speculation.
You will never have real privacy (though who does in this day and age?). Never know who you can really trust (until it's too late). Never get to have a career. Never do something outrageous or spontaneous.
You always have to be proper and polite and keep your real opinions and thoughts to your self.
So who's jealous of Kate Middleton. Me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lactose intolerance!

Not that I am, but there is a lot of cheese in this country. But there is a scene in French Kiss where Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are walking through a town somewhere in the south of France on their way from Paris to Nice where Meg is going on about how beautiful it is. Aix kind of reminds me of that.
Yesterday, we followed the footsteps of Cezanne, almost literally. We walked up from Aix, where he lived, to his studio, then on to the hill top over looking the river valley and mountain, San Victoire, that he painted 87 seven times. I think that he may have gotten it right. Although I think he really just wanted an excuse to hang out on looking at the mountain. It was beautiful.
After that, we just hung around, walking around and shopping. I accidentally flirted with a French guy. We did visit this tiny museum of natural history. Aix has a French botanist who was working on the evolution of plants the same time as Darwin was working on animals. He actually wrote to Darwin to discuss his ideas. They had his letters.
Today, we take a train to Paris.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lesser Miracles

Air travel is comedian fodder, but would like to take a moment to praise the fact that air lift works, and it only takes 7 or so hours to get across the ocean. According to a trivia thing on the flight, early trips between New York and Paris took over 16 hours
There, enough sucking up to the plane. Just land on time and safely.

Location:37000 feet above Le Merche

Jet lag

So day one of this excursion was a little weird. In my mind, it started on Sunday and ended several, something like 42, hours later. I got on the plane and never fell asleep, so Sunday and Monday fused together.
The trip over was only eventful at Charles de gall. Tip: If you ever have to go through deGalle, take All your electronics out, expect a pat down, unless you are wearing literally no metal, and give yourself at least two hours if changing planes. Or just go to Orly.
Aix is lovely. After crashing for an hour, I wandered around with my sister, who lives here, and my family. I don't think I've ever wandered around a city this, for lack of a better word, European before I've been to London, Bath, Dublin, and some tiny towns in Ireland, but none of them had the maze of streets that all seem like back alleys. This city is truly from a time before there were cars, even Romans slept here for the hot springs. One if the main roads, the cormier beau, is only two lanes. Along it, the trees are beautifully decorated with lights and there us a Christmas market with little stands selling everything from candy and meat to jewelry and vases. I loved the wooden toys.
There are a couple of weird things. The outer city is not pretty and everywhere you see evidence of why curb your dog laws in the us are important. There are more dogs than children here. I've even seen a dog in the hotel.
Speking of hotels, my view.

Pretty. Today we're doing some more wandering and following the steps of Cezanne.


And we're off!

We're on our way! My stomach is in knots, either from nervousness or excitement I can't tell, but so far, so good. It's begun snowing a little, actually picking up since I first noticed this morning after mass, but hopefully nothing will come of it til later. Or at least the airport won't be hit hard. Eee! Here we go!

Location:On the highway to the airport

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bring me back something French!

So! Sunday I leave for France, baring any snow. I'm kind of expecting a delay, but nothing too serious. This us why I'm backing two books and my iPod charger.
But first, I have to get through Christmas. and by get through I mean eat like a locust and give everyone there awesome presents. I'm almost finished my last one. I'm excited about a book I got my dad, Abe Lincoln: vampire hunter, because I think it's interesting, but my dad isn't really into the gruesome. But he is a huge civil war and Lincoln buff.
Oh well, well see what happens.

Merry Christmas!