Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, politics is the cause of the world's problems.

This is a bit sensationalistic, but I am also a bit insulted. I was listening to the radio when I heard an interview with Cindy McCain. And it was light fluff, about how she and her son race cars and stuff like that. Then she was asked about John commuting back and forth to Phoenix on the weekends and how they thought that was more natural environment to raise children than DC. That is what she said that has me a bit putout. DC is not a natural place to raise children.
I'm sorry, but I have friends, quiet a few in fact, who were raised in and around DC. I was raised within an hour's drive, within a half hour if you drive fast enough. Was it the East Coast sensibility she dislikes or the fact that most of my friends turned out to be liberal?
I admit, this is a bit ridiculous to have a problem with. I'm sure she meant...Phoenix is her home and it's where she was more comfortable. But there are significantly better ways to put that.