Friday, October 05, 2007

I Feel the need, The need for speed

Washington drivers are the worst drivers I have ever had the misfortune to come across. I never thought that i would live to see the day where I would actually appreciate the insanity that is 695, but i do. Here and now. Holy crap, I was driving in Bethesda, to get gas, and I pulled onto a little side street with three way traffic light. The other two lanes of traffic were stopped. And the drivers in these lanes (they were not behind me, and my decision to go or not go did not affect them) began honking their horns at me to go already. The kicker is that the light was STILL RED! ARGH!
Another time, a truck must have been trying to get in my lane, and I was driving the same speed as him, so I was not getting out of his way (mind you, I didn't notice any turn signal, but that does not necessarily mean that there was none. Anyway, the Truck driver decided to slow down, pull behind me, pass me on the right, and then pull in front of me. At least he didn't cut me off too close.
Washington is so much more pleasant if you are on the metro.
Now you may ask, what the hell I was doing in the 52 state. I was at a job interview with a company I will never work for. And I am ok with that. Actually the job was in Tyson's Corner, Virgina (the 10th State). But really, that is neither here nor there.
Today I have another interview with an advertising company. Maybe it will go better.

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John Henry Adams said...

Maybe you should start putting "can wield a sword" on your resume. You never know; maybe the guy interviewing you is a fellow fencer or maybe there's an unanticipated demand for sword-wielding clerks. You never know.