Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!

Oi to the world
When last we met, I had just been wiped out of Halloween Candy and had recently started my job as a receptionist at Seton Keough.
Not much has changed, Except the season. Now there are candles in my windows and a dead tree in my living room. Isn't Christmas FANTASTIC!
I am still at the school. They like me so much they are keeping me till January 25th. More money for me! The down side of all this working is that nothing interesting is happening. No drama outside of School. Inside school there is LOTS of it. This week alone saw a child's mother attempt Suicide, I talked with Child Protective Services (from Two states!) four different times, a Fire alarm when off causing an evacuation, I was called irresponsible and accused of losing a child detention slip causing more detention for her (by said child, I might add), and to cap of the week our Maintainence head honcho cut off part of his finger.
Only one more week until break.