Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy smokes my friends! I'm so pleased you're not dead!

So, lately with the primary's going on, I've been thinking of movies that are politically oriented. And here are my top ten. Really, they're the only movies I could think of that I've seen that have to do with politics, or presidents, but I like them.

Top Ten Political Movies:

Mr. Smith goes to Washington- Like I could leave it off
Dave- What would YOU do if you had the presidents power for about 3 months?
All the Presidents Men -strictly not about politics, but it is about what Nixon
The American President- Like the West Wing, Only a romance.
Man of the year -this is what would happen if Stewart or Colbert really ran
The Great Dictator- Mistaken Identity, Politics and a Globe! What could be Better?
Amazing Grace- William Wilberforce is my hero
Wag the Dog- The importance of spin, mass media, and not believing any of it
1776- I would have loved to hear the pitch for this. "Its a political musical..."
V for Vendetta- a warning?

Holy Smokes! The Indiana Jones teaser is out! I'm excited!!

And if this movie sucks, I'm putting a hit out on someone.