Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Snap out of it!

I love the Orioles. I do. And I mean the Baseball team, not the bird (which I have never actually seen, thanks to over development and global warming). And they are a good team, except when they play baseball. Let me explain. They have the skills and ability to play well. They have shown that time and time again. If I recall correctly they shut out the Yankees 12-0. Not bad. Then last week, They lose 30-3. To the Texas Rangers. The highest score in modern baseball history which goes back to 1900. It was a ridiculous game. I mean it was hysterical in its own pathetic way. I was at the game, cheering for the Rangers along with everyone else. Right after the Rangers finally scored their 30th run, My brother's room mate texted him with the fact that the previously held record was 29. Last night they lost after they gave up 11 runs in the eighth inning, making it there seventh lose in a row. In the same game they also had six, Count 'em SIX, Home runs. And they STILL lost. Why can't they play as a team?
It's a good thing I don't live and die by the Orioles.

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