Thursday, August 16, 2007

After all, tomorrow is another day!

Have you ever heard of the 12 Girl Band? They're from Shanghai, and they are an orchestra of Chinese instruments. But they don't just play traditional music. They also play classical like Mozart or Nessun Dorma from Turendot, Jazz like Georgia on My Mind or Take Five, and Pop like My Heart Will Go On. It's pretty wild. The reason that I have them on my mind is that my aunt (who is a music teacher) gave me the bands new DVD and CD for my birthday. I like it, but I'm alone on that front. Oh well, I'll listen to it in my car, when no one is with me.
Speaking of my family, my sister has come down with Mono. Perfect timing to screw up the beginning of college for her. That's right, she is supposed to start at Hood in a week. She is planning on starting classes like the regular student, just move in a little later. By then she will have had it for almost two weeks. I don't know if she will be any better or not, but hopefully she will have figured out how to cope with it.
As for me, Life is going to start changing next week. Both my brother and sister will be moving out to college, and I'll be left here. For all of college's drawbacks (papers, homework, tests, classes in general) I wish I could go back. Maybe that's just because I haven't yet actually made any steps forward. I did hear about a job working for the NSA in there museum (YES! the NSA has a museum!). I would be cataloging and organizing all the recently declassified material from WWI and II. I'm going to call them up and find out how outrageously under qualified I am. But I'm going to keep my finger's crossed. Hey, there's always Medieval Times (Must enjoy wearing tights! It honestly says that on their job stuff)


E.M. said...

I've been there and they need to update it. Seriously, parts are straight out of 1970.

Gina said...

Hehe, Then there is a reason that they need to hire me. Fresh blood and a new perspective.