Sunday, September 02, 2007

La-dee-da, la-dee-da

Well, its Labor Day Weekend, the traditional time for people to go back to school. And for the first time in... about 18 years, I am not among the students headed away from freedom and back to the classrooms. In someways, I'm really glad. No papers. No real deadlines. No last minuet panic attacks and getting work done just in time.
Well, really the only thing I miss about being in school is hanging out with people. So, Haha, suckers still in school. You enjoy your easy access to a multitude of friends, and I will enjoy my regular sleep schedule.
This weekend also marked my triumphant return to the Gill Family Tradition of my Uncle Jacks Crab Feast. I missed in the last four years because of school. It's an annual Tooie/Gill/Tilghman Family reunion. It's usually fun/amusing. I get to catch up on the latest of family gossip and hang out with my Cousin Catlin, who this year caught me up on High School gossip. The most interesting piece was that one of the people i know from high school is getting a divorce. And that sums up my weekend.

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