Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Here's Johnny!

Shesh, I really ought to update more. To updated only once a month just looks like carelessness. But oh well. Better infrequently than never.
Have you noticed lately how these past few days have been terrible for the International film community. Two famous Directors and an actor died, each from a different country in Europe. Is it just the time of the year?
Lately I've been hanging out at the B&O Railroad Museum on Mondays. I'm scanning in old negatives that are decomposing and need desperately to be placed in freezer storage. Most are simply early acetate, which dissolves into vinegar and brittle plastic. It's not deadly, just smelly. But some of the negatives are actually Nitrate emulsion, which is highly volatile and degrades easily and toxicly. So if I'm not careful, I could poison myself. And people say museum work is dull and quiet.
The actual subjects of the negatives is not terribly exciting. The most exciting part is the question: Why did the B&O Railroad have pictures of cows, chickens and sheep? I guess the Railroad was involved in more that just trains.
But, Hey, Guess what?!? Last week I was Dog/Cat/House sitting for my Uncle Bill. During that time, I got a lot of reading done. The most significant of these books was some little obscure book that NO ONE has hear of called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I liked it. And I'm bursting to talk to people about it. But since there are people out that who still need to read it and don't want me to ruin any piece of it (my brother and Mother), I won't talk about it.


E.M. said...

Do you really want to know more about the B&O? I can get some info out of my mother when she gets back from Yearly Kos.

John Henry Adams said...

Your restraint with regard to the obscure book is a model to us all.