Thursday, May 17, 2007

Every beginning is weak

So its been a little under a week since the Class of 2007 left the campus of St. Mary's College. And what have I done in that time?


I spent the last few days down at the beach, hanging out, reading Pride and Prejudice, and watching movies. OK, I also up dated my resume. But that is a moot point, as my computer then ate my resume and has yet to spit it up. So it's convenient that my mother has scheduled rest of May for me and I have no time to actually go look for a job.
Tomorrow is my sister's last Gym Meet. For those who have never met anyone from Maryvale, Gym Meet is when every grade level gets together and march in patterns and shout songs that have lyrics changed to match the theme picked by the class. One theme was the Cicada's, the year of the Bug or two years ago. I have no idea what my sister's is the year. But I'm sure it is going to be playing up the fact that they are the class of 007. Or maybe just the '07. But it should be fun.
That's all for now. Hopefully I will soon have more going on. If not, I may just have to start posting my opinions. The horror.

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E.M. said...

I've been told that all I have to do is, unpack, repack, sort, give the unwanted stuff to charity, empty and load the dish washer, help in the garden, read, sleep in, and eventually work on my resume. Its really nice while it lasts.