Sunday, May 13, 2007

How much are you going to get for a used Leviathan?

Well, I managed to survive College, and the graduation ceremony. I only fell twice during the whole day. Once right before the ceremony and at lunch. Yeah, I'm Graceful.
I also managed to pack and move out in two hours. I was convinced that I was going to be late in checking out, but I checked out with 15 minuets to spare.
I funny thing happened on the way out the door. Janice and I have had a can of beer since freshman year. Janice found it in the bench at Monty during the Natty Boh Hunt, or rather, a couple of days after it. We didn't drink at that time and decided to just keep it. So during Check out I realized it was still sitting on top of the refrigerator, where it had been all year. I forget how it came up, but the RA checking me out asked about it, I told him, its story and that i was throwing it away. So he said he'd take it. The Can of Natty Boh is now in the hands of some random RA who said that he'd pass it on. Even if he doesn't really, I'll tell people he did. It's a good story.
Tomorrow I'm off to hang out with my brother at the beach, and from there continue my job search.

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