Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spitting distance? How vivid!

Did someone just cure Aids?
I read this article on my rss feeder and it just seemed so surreal. A German doctor has apparently cured AIDS. Let me say that again. There may be a cure for HIV. That disease that kills hundreds, thousands, of people all over the world everyday may have a cure now.

Why is this not bigger news?!? I mean, yay Obama and all that, but AIDS. Dude's not even in office yet and already theirs a cure for AIDS. What's next, he's going to fix the Global Economy? Ok, that's a joke. Especially since the cure was admiistered 2 years ago, which is why it's being reported now. It seems to be working.
I had heard about a vaccine, but that is still in the research stage.

This is just so cool.


John Henry Adams said...

That's pretty awesome. Of course, there's the question of whether this man, though functionally cured of HIV, could possibly still act as a carrier of the disease, but that seems a relatively minor concern.

Gina said...

There is that. There is also the posabilitiy that this is simply a fluke but it is an argument for further research of gene- therapy as a cure.