Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nazis. I hate these guys.

I'm so angry right now. My 80 year old aunt, who I always tough was a little too thought on her daughters but still respected and liked, said this evening that we have four years of Nazism to look forward to, comparing Obama and the Democratic party to Hitler and his followers.
I didn't call her on it. What would I have said? She doesn't respect any opinions that dissent from her own. She voted for McCain because he was Pro-Life, never mind that he doesn't actually believe it. Or that if he had won, he would have been little more than a puppet for the Neo-conservative agenda. Or that Obama actually had a platform with a plan to help women that decided against abortion, something that McCain lacked.
I don't have a problem with honest to goodness Conservatism. People have a right to their opinion and I also think that both sides need the other to rein them in. I also think that conservatism has its merits, I just don't happen to agree with them at all. I'm just not conservative minded. But what irks me is Neo-conservatism and its Scare tactics, using fear to control and motivate people and to divided them against one another in the name of patriotism. It's not just bad, it's truly small minded and to use these tactics is cruel and hateful.
I know that there are people who dislike the two party system, and perhaps we do need a third or Fourth party. But so far we do have just the two parties, and it works well when we agree to listen to each other instead of insist that our party is right and the other are traitors. That gets us no were. Or it gives us the last eight years.
Since it is all we have we need to work together. Not resort to name calling.
But it does give me a certain amount of satisfaction to lambaste a woman who will never find me on the Internet. It may not be the most grown up thing to do. But neither is comparing Obama to Hitler.
I feel better now.

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John Henry Adams said...

Your aunt is aware that the Nazis were the bloody conservative party, right?

But I'm talking to somebody who agrees with me anyway, so why do I bother? All it'll do is make us both angrier.