Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just a curse. Have a nice day.

Dear God,
I'm ready for this election to be over. But if you feel the need to kill me in the near future, please let me at least first cast my ballot and cancel out the "person" who ripped my Obama bumper sticker in half and felt the need to key my car while I was in class. If possible I would like to see Obama win. On the other hand, if he's going to lose, I would rather not know.
Thanks bunches,

PS. If I do have to go, can you also take out the person or people responsible for defacing the "Eastern Shore For Obama" signs. Especially the one who put the Sickle and Hammer on them. I mean, come on, the Socialist Candidate and his supporters are a bit miffed that he's being called a socialist when he's clearly not a socialist. And I also did not see one McCain sign defaced. And I was looking. So, really, it's only fair.


E.M. said...

I'm going to be a poll watcher, its going to be SUCH a long day...

John Henry Adams said...

People are scumbags, especially during election season. I'm ready to get this whole nonsense out of the way; I really want to get on with my life.