Friday, September 14, 2007

E.T. phone home.

Well, if today is Friday, then it has been a week since I slept in my own bed. And the next time I will do so will be on Sunday.
What I have been up to is spending time wit various members of my family. I spent Saturday helping my cousin with his Eagle Scout project and then spent Saturday Evening to Tuesday morning with my Grandmother. My grandfather is currently in Salisbury with my uncle on a business trip. Yes, Salisbury, England. So my grandmother and I hung out and watched movies. My grandparents recently got cable so my grandmother can indulge in watching her two favorite channels, Turner Classic Movies and the Food Network. Until now, the only time that she got to see these wonderful channels was when she visited Florida in the winter. She said that now she has no reason to visit.
My grandfather made the reservations any way.
And now I am at the beach. Why? Why not. The excuse was that we needed to wait for the electrician. Who came and went and told us that our dehumidifier needed to be replaced and did you want to turn on your water heater?
And tonight I'm going up to Villanova to visit my brother for Family Weekend.
And I have an idea, but I will tell you about it later...

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John Henry Adams said...

Ooh, Salisbury. The most beautiful cathedral ever built... At least, I think it is.