Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jet lag

So day one of this excursion was a little weird. In my mind, it started on Sunday and ended several, something like 42, hours later. I got on the plane and never fell asleep, so Sunday and Monday fused together.
The trip over was only eventful at Charles de gall. Tip: If you ever have to go through deGalle, take All your electronics out, expect a pat down, unless you are wearing literally no metal, and give yourself at least two hours if changing planes. Or just go to Orly.
Aix is lovely. After crashing for an hour, I wandered around with my sister, who lives here, and my family. I don't think I've ever wandered around a city this, for lack of a better word, European before I've been to London, Bath, Dublin, and some tiny towns in Ireland, but none of them had the maze of streets that all seem like back alleys. This city is truly from a time before there were cars, even Romans slept here for the hot springs. One if the main roads, the cormier beau, is only two lanes. Along it, the trees are beautifully decorated with lights and there us a Christmas market with little stands selling everything from candy and meat to jewelry and vases. I loved the wooden toys.
There are a couple of weird things. The outer city is not pretty and everywhere you see evidence of why curb your dog laws in the us are important. There are more dogs than children here. I've even seen a dog in the hotel.
Speking of hotels, my view.

Pretty. Today we're doing some more wandering and following the steps of Cezanne.


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John Henry Adams said...

Outer cities in Europe are rarely pretty; it's the inner city that you want to go to.

Speaking of dogs, I remember once I was sitting in a bookstore in Germany when all of a sudden a huge, beautiful husky walks by, looking around interestedly. He was walking next to his owner, but I don't remember a leash. It must have been a superbly well-trained dog, but it still blew my mind that it was so casually walking through the bookstore.