Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lactose intolerance!

Not that I am, but there is a lot of cheese in this country. But there is a scene in French Kiss where Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are walking through a town somewhere in the south of France on their way from Paris to Nice where Meg is going on about how beautiful it is. Aix kind of reminds me of that.
Yesterday, we followed the footsteps of Cezanne, almost literally. We walked up from Aix, where he lived, to his studio, then on to the hill top over looking the river valley and mountain, San Victoire, that he painted 87 seven times. I think that he may have gotten it right. Although I think he really just wanted an excuse to hang out on looking at the mountain. It was beautiful.
After that, we just hung around, walking around and shopping. I accidentally flirted with a French guy. We did visit this tiny museum of natural history. Aix has a French botanist who was working on the evolution of plants the same time as Darwin was working on animals. He actually wrote to Darwin to discuss his ideas. They had his letters.
Today, we take a train to Paris.

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