Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why shouldn’t you talk shop? It’s what interests you most, isn’t it?

I love when kids at the Museum are cute.
Occasionally I'll meet a little kid who launches himself at the slide while the older kids cower in fear because it's so dark. Sometimes one of those kids figures out a way to over come their fear and try it just once, and then the parents can't pull them off.
The other day, I met a little girl who wanted very badly to go down but saw just how dark it was and couldn't do it. I saw her maybe 15 minutes later and she enthusiastically told me how she had finally gone down the slide and how much fun it was and how this place was so fabulous. Ok, she didn't use the word "fabulous" but that was the jist. She had a lot to say.
That same day I met a little boy who couldn't have been older than 3 who I had to hold back so he didn't run into anyone. By his 3rd trip, he was a pro at waiting his turn, although he was never patient.

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John Henry Adams said...

I think the reason people don't want to talk shop is because they're afraid that's all they talk about. Around here, most conversations seem to start with "how're your classes?" or "how's teaching going?" Generally, though, that's getting your proverbial foot into the revolving conversation door rather than anything else, sort of like talking about the weather — no matter what, everyone's bound to have an opinion about that one.