Monday, October 12, 2009

Ma, flooding New Jersey is not going to solve anything.

This weekend I went down to the beach for one final weekend before the summer really and truly came to an end. I seem to be going down to the eastern shore a lot these days. I went to Smith Island last week. Let me tell you, if you want a truly great crab cake, go to smith Island and ignore to first restaurant. Do not be lured in by its shiny clean exterior and the fact that everyone else is going there, no. You want Ruck's, which is around the corner. Do not be frightened off by the fact that it looks like it is being held up by tape and a prayer. Or that you might catch something. It only looks that way. When you walk in, do not be off put by the mountains of stuff that for sale as well. It is, by they way, also an antique store. Instead, focus on the fact that it smells DELICIOUS.

Order the $8 crab cake sandwich that is made from crab that, only earlier that morning, had been swimming in the bay. And enjoy, slowly.

While i was on smith Island, there were a bunch of geriatric photography students, with serious and intimidating photography equipment. I was jealous. I only had my little point and shoot, but I love it anyway.

But this weekend, I went down to Ocean city, staying on the mainland (more or less, OC is on a barrier island)
This weekend, was all about water (or as I pronounce it Wood-er).

Saturday started out pleasant enough. My mother and I were watching something or other on TV, waiting for my sister to show up, when we heard sounds of distress. Across the lawn, something was going on, and my mother went across to find out what was going on. As she disappeared into the apartment, I grabbed my shoes and followed suit. What had happened was the apartment had flooded. Seriously flooded. the pip to the main switch had ruptured, so all the water for the apartment was now on the floor and spilling out onto the porch. For the rest of the morning, we got all of the stuff in her apartment out and on to the lawn and ultimately on to our porch because it was going to rain. I'd never seen wall to wall carpeting float before. The woman who lived there was a third grade teacher, a abut a year older than me, and had lived there for a month. How my mother found this out while emptying an apartment I'll never know. So that was fun.
Saturday afternoon we went kayaking in a cypress swamp.


John Henry Adams said...

Long time no post. Should I ever manage to make my way to Smith Island, I'll definitely try this crab cake sandwich of which you speak. I must admit that I am greatly intrigued by the last sentence of your post: "Saturday afternoon we went kayaking in a cypress swamp." Note the unusually high concentration of awesomeness in that brief collection of words:
• Saturday
• afternoon
• kayaking
• cypress swamp

Gina said...

Yes i have gotten grief from several people about this. Thus the post.

Saturday afternoon was awesome, especially after the morning. The pond, really a small lake, was fairly deserted because it was so late in the year, and it was cold enough that the bugs weren't there, but warm enough that we didn't need a lot of layers. on the other hand, i have never worn so many clothes while kayaking.