Monday, September 22, 2008

What we've got here is failure to communicate

Grad school is kicking my butt.
I feel like I'm always playing catch up and that everyone else gets it. I think I'm just out of practice. But I have this fear that I'm not supposed to be doing this.
But I think that the week that I manage to get all of my reading done and significant portion of my paper done, everything will magically fall into place. Everything will be fine.
Since I just got a flash back to college, I think it will.
Thank you, dear void, for listening to my rant.
And if you get a change to see Burn After Reading, and are huge Cohen Brothers fan, then by all means go. If you are not a big fan, or just really liked O brother where art thou, Run for the proverbial hills. That is all.
Good night.

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John Henry Adams said...

What is it with my friends and underestimating themselves? You'll do fine; you're just out of practice in terms of academia. Look at the bright side - at least you're not teaching.