Tuesday, June 19, 2007


John recently pointed out in an e-mail that it has been over a month since the class of 2007 graduated from St. Mary's. Damn.
I haven't got much to show for a month of freedom, except a few unanswered job application and a rearranged room. But, based on no official survey, that seems to be common among people I know, at least the the few who didn't approach graduation with a job already. My main complaint is finding jobs that I am both qualified for and interested in. Unfortunately, these are few and far between. Most jobs that are more then secretarial in museums need a masters degree. Which means that I really Need to go to grad school. I was really hoping to make sure that this was the career path that I wanted before committing to 2 more years of expensive school. It will all be OK. It will work out. I've yet to really fall on my face by following my gut and flying by the seat of my pants. How's that for mixed metaphors?
In other news about my future, though not nearly as pressing, my mother has begun to lean on me to plan a party for my 22nd Birthday. I am not a big fan of parties. I like get togethers with my friends, but i rarely have good luck getting people together (with the exception of the four years of college when everyone was located within a mile radius). I'm not entirely sure what to do, since the date is, amazingly, fast approaching.
I'm looking forward to the day when SOMETHING in my life and future is sure. Though I doubt that day will ever come.

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