Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here's lookin' at you, kid

This week has been ridiculous.
Starting on Valentine's Day, Jess showed up to tell me that Dan had become violently sick the night before. He was so bad that he was sent to the hospital, and would not be available for dinner that evening. He's ok now, but this meant that Jess was single on Valentine's day, though not the way I had jokingly planned. I had joked the weekend before that she should break up with Dan for the day and come hang out with me and we would revel in our singleness. Well we still hung out, and had Indian food and that was nice, but I still feel bad about the circumstances.
The other thing that was strange about Wednesday is that I kept forgetting the date and what day it was. When I was signing into work, I had to sit and think what the date was. Clearly, Valentine's Day has lost all meaning for me.
Oh well.
But Friday, that sucked.
I wanted to go to the comedian, the movie, fencing movie night, or drive people to Medieval Times, I had an over abundance of choices. What did I do?
I talked about my SMP all night with one of my advisers. Till 11 o'clock PM. And while it was good that i did this, it made me focus a little bit more, and there was good Thai food, still would have rather done one of the other things on the list. Let's hope tonight is better.

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